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Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter

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You know the saying…and it really is true.  You can’t expect to flaunt the bikini or the nice Summer clothes if you’ve succumbed to Winter apathy with regards to your fitness or health regime.

Lack of motivation, lack of energy or ‘the Winter Blues’ are common when temperatures start to drop and you get less exposure to the sun. When it is dark and cold outside is it harder to get out of bed in the morning and get moving.

Cold weather often calls for rich, heartier more high calorie meals in favour of lighter snacks and salads.

But our health needs to be a priority all year round and especially in Winter.

So if you want this Summer to be the Summer you feel amazing in your swim wear, t-shirts or short shorts then it’s time to start now!

It’s not about being skinny but it is about looking and feeling your best.  When we look and feel our best, we put out a positive energy that attracts more positivity and life just gets better and better.

So how do you start working on that Summer body.

It’ s easier than you think.

1. Make the decision and commit to yourself.

We have a super easy 10 day program to Kick Start your health; KICK START 10.

It’s not a diet or a fad but a sensible way to Kick Start your mind and body into adopting better habits towards a better version of YOU.

MORE Hydration, MORE Wholefood, MORE Exercise, MORE Sleep, MORE Clarity,  MORE Support, MORE Time.

NO Processed Food, NO Alcohol, NO Caffeine, NO Dairy, NO Meat, NO Gluten but heaps of wholefood so you are never hungry. Remember it’s not a diet.

The truth is that you can do anything for 10 days (only one weekend).  But 10 days is enough to achieve significant results, so you are going to feel so amazing!!

Simply choose the best time for you or join in with our group of Kick Starters on the first Monday of each month.

It’s FREE to join.

There’s no need for extreme measures.

Once you’ve done our Kick Start 10 Program, you will feel and experience the results that will motivate you to continue with your health journey as it is, or slowly reintroduce the things you like but with a different mind set.

This approach will not only bring you results but it will ensure they are long lasting and simply become a new way of life for you;  A Complete Life Transformation.

Love your body. Love you.