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Feel Good Look Good

Feel Good Look Good?

We need to understand the connection between nutrition and beauty, and the vital role food you eat, plays in the health and vibrancy of your skin.

Beautiful skin truly starts from within.

A healthy body exhibits clear, attractive, youthful- looking skin, no matter what the age. A person that is experiencing poor health in any body system will reflect this issue in their skin. The food we ingest immediately and over time directly affects how we look, how we feel and how we age.

Whole food is a food that’s simple, natural, wholesome and untouched, just the way nature intended. This means it isn’t laden with extra ingredients such as artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers, colours, emulsifiers, hydrogenated oils, anti-caking agents etc and it hasn’t been subjected to intense processing .

Wholefoods include unprocessed fruit and vegetables; wholegrains (millet, brown rice, oats, rye, whole wheat, buckwheat, quinoa and cornmeal); beans and legumes (including lentils, chickpeas and kidney beans); and nuts and seeds. It also includes food from animal sources such as eggs, whole fish, poultry and red meat but these should only be eaten in small quantities.

When you eat foods in their ‘whole’ or unrefined state, you are consuming foods that are nutrient-dense, full of phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids (nuts) and fibre all in the right proportions. These MICRO-NUTRIENTS are essential for feeding the cells of our body (including skin cells) with optimum nourishment for cell function and regeneration.

Processed food has little nutrient value and is loaded with fat (not the good sort), salt and sugar plus an assortment of harmful chemicals that can all lead to serious health issues.

All degenerative life-style diseases can be linked to a poor diet; a diet high in processed food and lacking in the wide variety and quality of wholefood, particularly fruits and vegetables from all the colours of the rainbow. Fruits and vegetables are rich in essential, free-radical fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients. We need food rich in antioxidants to counteract our daily production of free radicals.

We produce free radicals every day as part of our normal metabolic process. Normal ageing (cell death) is a result of our cells accumulating free radical damage over time. But certain factors can increase the rate our bodies produce these free radicals and the rate at which we age or decline. Pollution, stress, exercise, smoking, processed food, saturated fats, alcohol, refined sugar and so on. The faster our bodies produce free radicals, the quicker we age and the more likely we are to develop sickness and disease.

Put simply, antioxidants (the goodies) neutralise free radicals (the baddies) in our body before the free radical can attack a healthy cell causing it to die. We want lots and lots of the goodies!! The only way to slow this process and reduce free radical damage is by feeding our bodies with a predominantly wholefood diet rich in plant nutrients; polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants.

Fortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables are simply loaded with these amazing anti-ageing miracles! So if you want to look and feel younger and avoid premature ageing (like we do), then you need to Embrace Wholefood. It’s the simplest and surest way to ensure you will live a long life with health, vitality and great skin!

For further information about how to add more wholefood to your diet to look good & feel good  please feel free to click here for more information.


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