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What Is Clean Beauty?

The clean beauty movement is a growing trend in the skincare industry. Led by a rise in conscious consumerism, the once niche clean beauty movement has been propelled into the mainstream with major brands now starting to jump on the trend.  Clean beauty is usually associated with natural beauty, cruelty-free beauty, green beauty and brands that place an emphasis on sustainability and ethical ingredients derived from nature.

According to Safe Cosmetics Australia ™ , a clean beauty product must fit the following Criteria;

100% Cruelty-Free – Clean beauty means that the ingredients and final product have not been tested on animals. This is important because many cosmetics undergo animal testing in order to prove their safety for humans.

Natural & Organic – Clean beauty uses ingredients created by nature. This means that the ingredients are derived from natural sources and preferably certified organic.

100% Toxic-Free – A clean beauty product must have ingredients that are safe for both humans and the environment. Certain ingredients are not allowed if a product or brand is to qualify to be Clean. The ingredient checklist and  Clean Standards™ can be found here.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients – Clean beauty use only ethically sourced ingredients with consideration for the environment, working conditions, health and safety, sound business ethics and that have transparency about their supply chain.

Sustainable Packaging – A clean beauty brand will use recycled, reusable or biodegradable packaging.

Transparent Labels – A clean beauty brand should  disclose all of their ingredients and label their products accordingly.

The best Clean Beauty Brands of 2022 have been announced at the Organic Beauty Awards. This year they focused on the THINK CLEAN campaign, with four main categories:

Is It Clean? Is It Green? Is It Cruelty-Free? Is It Natural?

THINK CLEAN™  means being environmentally aware, safe & effective to use. It also means no BS rubbish marketing! Transparency is essential, sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free brands get the big thumbs up. Where a brand has taken extra steps to THINK CLEAN, this can be the key factor when it comes to deciding who will win each award. Who has acted on their experience, delivered a brand that reflects their core values & taken essential steps to make positive changes for the future of the health & beauty industry.” – Amina Kitching.


Ingredient philosophy is checked  against marketing hype & factual data. Natural & organic ingredients are the first choice, including wild-harvested & plant-based ingredients. Inclusive marketing is preferred, eco-driven manufacturing is the goal. Do they clinically test their products or ingredients & how have they come to work in the organic beauty market. THINK CLEAN means being transparent, truthful, upfront & honest right down to the small details which really count. 


What is the brand’s story? Judges discover their core values & consider their efforts to THINK CLEAN. How are their products made, what do they use for packaging & post, do they support a campaign or charity. Do they carbon offset their business or produce their products from the farm to the finished product. Are their products closed loop 100% sustainable? Do they use plastic? We all need to contribute to making a better world.


No testing on animals is essential but judges also look at the animal & insect derivatives such as beeswax & consider if they are ethical. Where a brand manufactures its own ingredients it can be 100% assured of its quality & cruelty-free status. Where a brand sources ingredients direct from the grower, makes vegan products, or meets an industry standard, these contributing factors indicate that the brand has taken extra steps to THINK CLEAN.


Starting with the ingredient label, the judging panel look for undesirable chemicals & take note of innovative ingredients. They question the brand’s idea of “Natural” & how they present their brand, is the environment important to them. Do they use certified organic ingredients? Are there hidden microplastics in their products? Do they really understand what the term “natural” means to the consumer & are they making every possible effort to THINK CLEAN.

We Won!   JOI Pure Silver Award Winner – Sensitive Skincare

In the Best Clean Skincare Brands category, JOI Pure was awarded the Silver for our commitment to being an ethical Clean Beauty brand with sensitive skin in mind. Our team have always been committed to providing a pure, natural and organic range of skincare that use the finest ingredients from nature’s plentiful garden. Creating premium, clean and effective products for our customers is incredibly important to us.  We’re very proud to be recognised in this category.




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