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The Origins of JOI

Nicole, owner and founder of JOI Pure, discovered her interest and passion for aromatherapy whilst working as a Registered Nurse on a working holiday in England in 1990.

“The private hospital employed an aromatherapist that offered an effective complementary therapy to help treat many of the patients particularly with their mental health issues. I was amazed and inspired by the power and broad application of these gifts of nature. I knew instantly this was what I wanted to pursue.”

Upon her return to Australia 2 years later and inspired by the holistic healing power of pure essential oils, she commenced her study in Aromatherapy and the chemistry of pure essential oils.

She completed her International Federation Accredited Diploma in Aromatherapy in 1992 under the instruction of Thea Burnette who was taught herself by Madame Micheline Arcier, a pioneer of modern or true aromatherapy who embraced the holistic approach to well-being and was responsible for introducing the use of essential oils for skincare and skin rejuvenation.

It was this area of aromatherapy that truly interested Nicole the most and so began her journey and research into harnessing the power of essential oils to benefit skin issues and most importantly anti-ageing.

As her knowledge and expertise in the field grew, she was disheartened to discover the large number of companies and products that were  marketed as  “aromatherapy” that had no aromatherapeutic qualities or values whatsoever and in fact manufactured products that contained a myriad of harmful chemicals including synthetic fragrances.

This prompted Nicole to develop her own range of truly genuine aromatherapy-based skincare and JOI Pure was born!

The philosophy behind this development was to create a luxurious range of skincare and aromatherapy products that was free from harmful chemicals, was affordable and that contained pure, active ingredients that actually worked.

This passion, vision and determination has seen Nicole establish her well respected skincare and spa range JOI Pure, whilst raising her 5 children with husband Rosco on their beautiful property in Brigadoon.  Most importantly, this achievement has been made without compromise at any level of the company’s mission, founding principles or ethical beliefs.


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