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Love & Passion this Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always adored Valentine’s Day, because what is more worthy of celebration than LOVE?

I certainly appreciate romantic love and all that entails, but there are so many other brands of love that make life so rich as well.

PASSION. It makes everything so wonderful! Passion is the emotion and energy behind every great accomplishment. Whether it’s an amazing romance, or an art masterpiece. Whether it’s an athletic feat or a scientific breakthrough – passion makes it happen.
Whatever rises to the top is buoyed by passion.  Love or Passion is one of the highest vibrating states of being. The higher the vibration, the more of that energy you attract.  What could be better than that!
Whatever moves your heart, your imagination, your ideas, your drive, your excitement all comes from that innate energy that is your passion.
Passion changes the world. It changes minds. It touches souls. Passion saves us, inspires us, and drives us. It sustains us.
Of course Valentine’s Day is all about passion, but why shouldn’t every day be about passion too?   Yes, passion every day!  If you have it, you’re leading your most happy, joyful and fulfilled life.
If you don’t have it, imagine you do — and find a way to get inspired. Magic will happen when you start living in your passion…
Our PASSION 100% pure aromatherapy blend might be just what you need to engender that excitement, that energy, that positivity.
Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood Pure Essential Oils.
It is a luxurious, sweet, exotic blend that can be used to enhance or create a romantic mood (perfect in the bath or spa) or when strength or desire to achieve is required.
Helps to relieve stress, relax and to focus.  Perfect in our Passion Roller as a perfume to wear on your pulse points every day!  Or simply diffuse or add to our Nourishing Body Oil for a beautiful massage oil.  xx Nicole

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