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What Is Squalane And How Can It Benefit Our Skin?

The human body produces squalene to assist in the absorption of cholesterol and to defend the skin’s surface against UV rays, dryness, and heat. Squalene is produced by our sebaceous glands and something we naturally have in our skin. In fact it is one of the main components of the skin. The sebum that our sebaceous glands produce is made up of triglycerides and fatty acids (58%), wax esters (26%) and squalene (12%) along with esters (4.5%). It plays a vital role in skin protection.

Unfortunately,  the amount of squalene our bodies produce decreases as we age.  It becomes harder to protect the skin and keep it hydrated. That’s why as we age it is important to use a skincare product with plant-based squalane as an ingredient.

JOI Pure’s squalane is 100% botanically sourced and is derived from olives. Olive Squalane is incredibly gentle making it perfect for all skin types. It is also highly stable, effective, sustainable and eco-friendly. Unlike other oils squalane has a lighter texture on the skin which helps it to penetrate more easily,  especially those who have an impaired skin barrier or where trans-epidermal water loss is an issue. It’s also a powerful natural antioxidant!

Squalene is still also commercially and more cheaply derived from shark liver! This form of squalene can still be found in many cosmetic products including sunscreens, anti-aging creams, lotions, hair conditioners, deodorants, eye shadows, lip balms, lipstick, and face cleansers. It is also used in vaccines as an adjuvant that enhances the immune response and potentially makes vaccines more effective.  In 2020, conservationists raised concerns about the potential slaughter of sharks to obtain squalene for a COVID-19 Vaccine.  There have been made claims that COVID vaccines that use shark based squalene adjuvants could kill as many as 500,000 sharks, including hammerhead sharks. This is based on the entire world receiving 2 doses, so is subject to question but the fact remains.

The importance of ethically sourced ingredients as well as manufacturing processes for sustainable skincare is at the forefront of JOI Pure. We believe skincare should be really good for your skin as well as the environment. That’s why we provide you with premium natural products that have caused no harm in their production, have zero animal products and have never been tested on animals!

You can find this anti-aging gem in many of our products such as our absolute favourites AAA Night Serum, Radiant C Serum.


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