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EMS Body Sculpting

EMS Body Sculpting - Now Available!

We are giving away a SUPER special introductory offer! 
Book and pay for your first course of either 4 or 6 x body sculpting treatments and receive a 2 x FREE maintenance sessions valued at $370 – $640!
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We offer the latest in body sculpting technology that utilises high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle contraction, sculpt and tone the body and assist in fat burning. 

  • Tones and shapes muscle…  
  • Breaks down fat naturally…
  • Helps sculpt body contour…
  • Requires absolutely no downtime…
  • Takes only 30 minutes…
  • Can be performed on targeted areas of the body…

A series of initial  treatments are recommended.  We offer a series of 4 or 6 x treatments / 2 per week  for best results.

Results can be observed immediately and up to 3-6 months post final treatment. Thereafter maintenance sessions can be undertaken as desired. 

A balanced whole food plant-based diet with plenty of pure water and exercise is also recommended to maintain results.

Abdomen 4 x treatments – $720

Abdomen 6 x treatments – $1000

Buttocks 4 x treatments – $720

Buttocks 6 x treatments – $1000

Both areas treated at same time x 6 only – $1700 (save $300)

Maintenance x 1 / 4-6 months post initial – $185

Maintenance x 1 / 4-6 months post initial stomach and booty – $320



HIFEM technology is a revolutionary, non-invasive body contouring therapy that works to build muscle and burn fat. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, it triggers supramaximal contractions that cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle contraction.

The process works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy to the area, forcing the muscles to contract to 100% and holding it there for up to six seconds. 

 The average person, no matter how strong, can only contract their muscles to their 30-35% capacity for a fraction of a second.                           

In response to these contractions, the muscle fibres tighten, lifting and toning the area.

Who is the ideal candidate for EMS Body Sculpt?

The ideal candidate is a relatively healthy adult who follows a balanced diet and regular exercise, but needs a boost in their physical results. This procedure is incredibly useful for those who have started making lifestyle changes before these treatments.  Patients who are overweight might need to get closer to their ideal weight before trying a body sculpting procedure.   Clients must have realistic expectations.

EMS Body Sculpt is for you if you want to:
Burn Fat.  Build Muscle. 
Lift, Shape & Tone Butt
Strengthen & Shape Abs
Build & Tone Ab Muscles

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