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Kick Start 10 Program

Kick Start 10

A 10-day detox & wellness program to help you KICK START your health by adopting new life style habits and a fresh mindset.

It’s not a diet or a fad but a sensible way to train your mind and body into adopting better lifestyle habits towards a better version of YOU.
  • MORE Hydration
  • MORE Wholefood
  • MORE Energy
  • MORE Movement
  • MORE Sleep
  • MORE Clarity
  • MORE Support
  • MORE Time

The truth is that you can do anything for 10 days. Ten days has been proven to be long enough to get real results and short enough to stay disciplined for success.
Whether that is to shred a few kgs, grow an appreciation for real food, detox and cleanse, make simple changes towards a healthy lifestyle or simply kick start your health journey in the right direction, this easy 10-day program is for you!

During this 10-day program, you will be a part of our amazing Facebook Support Group, KS10, where you will find people on the same journey as you. We have a community that will support and encourage you like you may never have experienced before. You will also be a part of a small personal messenger group with other Kick Starters. This is an important part of the support we offer and we have a lot of fun!!   We also keep in contact with you each day to help you stay focused and on track.

Not only that… We #KickStart10 with you too.

The Kick Start 10® program is a fun and effective way to jump start your health.

It focuses on eating clean, seasonal whole food and eliminating common food sensitivities. 

For 10 days you eliminate: 

  • Processed Food
  • Artificial / Refined Sugars
  • Alcohol
  • Eating after 6pm / 7pm*
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy
  • Gluten

But you fuel your body with heaps of plant-based wholefood so you are never hungry. Remember it’s not a diet.  It’s about cleaning up your lifestyle, eating the foods that truly nourish your body with the essential nutrients you need to cleanse and kick start your health journey.  Our meal plan guidelines cater for all dietary needs; family-friendly, vegetarian and vegan, so everyone can join in! You can follow these or create your own.

You can start this 10 day program anytime!  We run Kick Start 10 programs on the first Monday of each month. So choose the month that works best for you and let’s get started!  Everyone in the Kick Start 10 Community (KS10)  is on the same journey which makes it even more inspiring to share results, tips and experiences during this time. There is nothing more motivating than watching others working towards achieving results!

During the Kick Start 10® Program, you will support your body with the nutrition of our delicious 100% plant-based Complete Protein Shakes full of macro and micro nutrients, fibre, pre-biotics, ancient grains and more. These are a vital part of the program in order to achieve maximum benefits and results. They ensure you are flooding your body with essential nutrition in  addition to all the healthy wholefood you eat.

So, once you have decided to join the Kick Start 10 program and make some amazing changes towards better health, please contact us and tell us what you want to achieve.  We’ll then phone you for a chat to go through the guidelines, answer any questions, get to know you a little and take your order for the Complete shakes.

Once you have placed your order with us, we will gift you the Kick Start 10 Guide which includes all the information you need to get started plus a Cook Book containing Family Friendly Recipes, Meal Plan Options, and a  Menu Planner absolutely FREE!   We will add you to our private messenger group with others who are ready to kick start the same month as well as to the KS10 face book group. We also gift you FREE access to our incredible New  App which will help you get the absolute best out of this program.

You get all of this for simply the cost of one box of 30 Complete Shakes.  No ongoing commitment to purchase more. We just want to help you with your health.

*Please note. Once you have made the decision to Kick Start your health, let us know ASAP.  We need a little time to get you prepared with all the amazing information and support and to place your Complete order and have it delivered to you BEFORE the start of the program.  Ideally, we need 10 days. So by the 20th of the month prior to the month you wish to start, you need to contact us.  You can even do a Kick Start 10 every month!  That’s what we do and it is the best way to optimise your health and vitality.  But let’s get you started with your first!  You can do this! You deserve this! 

We have supported and mentored many clients through this program with great results and we are super excited to have you come on board too!

Once you’ve done our Kick Start 10® Day Program, you will feel and experience the results that will motivate you to continue with your health journey as it is, or slowly reintroduce the things you like but with a different mindset.  This approach will not only bring you results but it will ensure they are long lasting and simply become a new way of life for you.

We want to help you reach your next health goals.  Let’s shred unhealthy habits and FOCUS on clean living together!

*flexible for children, pregnant / nursing mothers, elite athletes and night shift workers

Please Contact us for more information and tell us why you want to join!