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Women’s Adjustable Solar System Bracelet With Lava Stone


Our stunning Adjustable Solar System Bracelet features beautiful resin, gemstone, copper & black lava beads arranged to represent the Universe.

This bracelet operates with the understanding that you are the sun. This way, the beads of the bracelet surround you and represent the planets, the moon, the stars and the galaxy.

The aim is for you to realize that you are the star in your own solar system, that you are important and integral to the way things work. This creates a powerful energy that radiates within you, filling you with warmth and positivity.

Nothing in your life is possible without you.

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Adjustable to fit most wrists.

This bracelet is presented in a beautiful organza jewellery pouch.

Ideal gift for lovers of space or astrology. They’re a fashionable and trendy way of expressing your love for the universe.

Special Note: As all gemstones are created by nature, no two beads are the same. Some beads contain naturally occurring cracks, indents, inclusions and colour variations. These are all natural or normal features of gemstones.

Essential oils can be re-applied as required – Apply to Lava Stone ONLY.


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