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Rose 2.5%


A 2.5% dilution (in jojoba oil) of Pure Bulgarian Rose oil; the most exquisite and expensive oil in the aromatherapy garden !

Known for its feminine, heart chakra, healing quality, this “queen of oils” is stunning to use as a perfume or for therapeutic value, rubbed onto the wrists daily.

For total indulgence, add a few drops to your bath and experience true cleopatra luxury.

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Botanical  Names: Simmondsia chenensis (jojoba oil), Rosa damascena (rose otto) essential oil.

Steam Distilled Rose Petals

Simmondsia chinensis 975mcl/ml      Rose damascene 25mcl/ml


Additional information


Store below 30c
Keep out of reach of children
Not for internal use
For personal application
Not suitable for burner or diffuser

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